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Facebook Detox: How I’m saving myself from myself

Twelve days ago, I decided to once again take a break from Facebook. It coincided with a relationship break as well, which made it feel doubly risky. How could I ever get through my too-solitary life without my 300+ friends? … Continue reading

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All I want:

Is normality. I think. I picked up a book today from the library today…a book about how to write a memoir. When I got home, I opened it, and one of the first exercises was about writing a short summary … Continue reading

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Spoiler Alert: We did it!

I fully intend to write a lot about my experience at the Mesa Tough Mudder in the weeks to come, but for now, a big thank you to all my teammates, the support team, friends and family who were cheering … Continue reading

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Astonishing Myself, and not Drowning in the Process

Swimming Class #1: Wow, 8:30 is super late. I’m tired. Oh, right, I should take a towel. Swim cap, you say? Thanks, friends…I guess that and goggles would have been a good idea. On the bench: It’s cold in here. … Continue reading

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The Opposite of Nonchalant

Call me Ms. Multitudes. Or Chalant (that would be the opposite of nonchalant, by the way). Other people have. Because I have Feelings. Maybe as many as you do, maybe more, but certainly no less. Enough to fill a wheelbarrow. … Continue reading

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Meet My Sisters

I am an athlete. Unless I’m a slug. Unless I’m fierce. Unless I’m afraid. Unless I’m a professional. Unless I’m a lost little kid. Unless I’m an old woman. Unless I’m a hot mama in her 40s.   It all … Continue reading

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