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Facebook Detox: How I’m saving myself from myself

Twelve days ago, I decided to once again take a break from Facebook. It coincided with a relationship break as well, which made it feel doubly risky. How could I ever get through my too-solitary life without my 300+ friends? … Continue reading

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All I want:

Is normality. I think. I picked up a book today from the library today…a book about how to write a memoir. When I got home, I opened it, and one of the first exercises was about writing a short summary … Continue reading

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Affirmations inspired by my upcoming 25th high school reunion.

First of all: 25 years? What the fuck.  How did that happen?  Etc, etc. OK, temporarily got that out of my system.  Can’t talk about the reunion without throwing a fit about my mortality. When I entered 7th grade at AJJHS in … Continue reading

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10 things I’ve learned.

I’m feeling beat up, weary, and just plain drained.  Before I broke up with M., I finally relented and gave him the URL for my blog.  I know he’s reading, but I also love my blog setup and don’t want … Continue reading

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You say burka, they say burqa, I say nothing at all. Until now.

…This post was written at the merciful end of an abusive relationship with a man who, as it turned out, had multiple diagnoses, including alcoholism, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder. This anger was exactly what I needed to feel … Continue reading

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