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Am I being a good friend? Am I now? How ’bout now?

Reposted from my #mudsliderstory on the Single Dad Laughing Health Club Facebook page. If you’ve known me for ten minutes, you know my story – the one about how I went to 11 different elementary schools thanks to perpetually nomadic … Continue reading

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Meet My Sisters

I am an athlete. Unless I’m a slug. Unless I’m fierce. Unless I’m afraid. Unless I’m a professional. Unless I’m a lost little kid. Unless I’m an old woman. Unless I’m a hot mama in her 40s.   It all … Continue reading

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Affirmations inspired by my upcoming 25th high school reunion.

First of all: 25 years? What the fuck.  How did that happen?  Etc, etc. OK, temporarily got that out of my system.  Can’t talk about the reunion without throwing a fit about my mortality. When I entered 7th grade at AJJHS in … Continue reading

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