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Based on some enlightening conversations I’ve had this week…

I think people might have some wrong ideas about therapy. What do you think? xoxo Advertisements

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Website Wednesday: Eating what your body loves and loving what you eat

Check out my latest post, and below is an extra resource for my Five Minutes til Midnight followers. And just for you, my friends: Happy Wednesday! xoxo

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It’s Website Wednesday over on my other site.

Check it out. What? No, reposting doesn’t mean I’m lazy, I’m just busy.* Happy Wednesday! *My story, and I’m sticking to it.

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On Rest Days and Rejecting the Life of a Hermit

One extremely unexpected phenomenon that began to occur a few months into my fitness journey was that I began to have a very uneasy relationship with rest days. I just published a short article about why they’re important, but it … Continue reading

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Hey, you guys!

For now, I’m going to be doing most of my posting over on my health and fitness/professional(ish) blog, so feel free to follow me over there. In the meantime, here’s the latest post. And thanks so much for your support! … Continue reading

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Patience, tiny grasshopper!

New blog post alert! I changed “suggestions” to “tactics” because waiting is more like a battle than anything else. For me, anyway.

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Monday Night Quickie

Introducing my new professional(ish) blog, tailored for client consumption. I shamelessly stole the articles from myself (with a few revisions), but I’ll be adding more original content that focuses on health and wellness, and the exciting new direction of my … Continue reading

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Wakie, wakie.

Yesterday, my teenager turned me on to an app called Wakie and it’s making me remember why I love people. The idea is that after you download the app, you make yourself available to wake up a fellow human somewhere in the … Continue reading

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Facebook Detox: How I’m saving myself from myself

Twelve days ago, I decided to once again take a break from Facebook. It coincided with a relationship break as well, which made it feel doubly risky. How could I ever get through my too-solitary life without my 300+ friends? … Continue reading

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All I want:

Is normality. I think. I picked up a book today from the library today…a book about how to write a memoir. When I got home, I opened it, and one of the first exercises was about writing a short summary … Continue reading

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