Spoiler Alert: We did it!


I fully intend to write a lot about my experience at the Mesa Tough Mudder in the weeks to come, but for now, a big thank you to all my teammates, the support team, friends and family who were cheering me on from afar, and my (best) boyfriend (ever), who was there as moral support, pack mule, photographer and tireless cheerleader.

The Mudder was an experience that made me feel and think, in no particular order…

A deep solidarity with my female teammates.

That I could actually accomplish anything I decide is important.

That I have definite room for improvement in my body shape, size, and abilities, but that I love my body for what it can accomplish.

Unconditionally and truly supported by men, emotionally and physically.

That I have a much harder time than I thought in being a team player – I tend to be too independent, think I am a burden on others, and sometimes don’t know how to help people outside my defined role as a psychotherapist.

Each of those could be (and maybe will end up being) a blog post. But for now, I’m still needing to recover from Arizona…Besides the mudder, my boyfriend and I vacationed the hell out of that vacation!

Stay tuned, and good night, beautiful people!


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