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Today was Not Leg Day

It was also not arm day or ab day. Or cardio day. Or much of anything day. Except maybe Facebook day. Again. I keep making promises to myself (to work out, eat better, do yoga, read a book, switch my clothes … Continue reading

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Friendship: A prelude.

I owe you a longer post, but for tonight, for this one beautiful night, I give you this, and my immense gratitude for my girlfriends. More very soon on the topic of friendship. In the meantime, just…thank you.

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The Opposite of Nonchalant

Call me Ms. Multitudes. Or Chalant (that would be the opposite of nonchalant, by the way). Other people have. Because I have Feelings. Maybe as many as you do, maybe more, but certainly no less. Enough to fill a wheelbarrow. … Continue reading

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Swimming in the Electric Golden Ruby Aquamarine

A little something I noticed when organizing my closets today (an exceedingly rare occurrence, so it’s nice when it’s also a learning opportunity). My work clothes (on the left) are depressed, while my workout/weekend clothes (on the right) are having … Continue reading

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Meet My Sisters

I am an athlete. Unless I’m a slug. Unless I’m fierce. Unless I’m afraid. Unless I’m a professional. Unless I’m a lost little kid. Unless I’m an old woman. Unless I’m a hot mama in her 40s.   It all … Continue reading

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Tough Mudder. It’s coming for me.

Things that you think about when you’re 46 and your first Tough Mudder is nine weeks away. 1. Nine weeks. That’s still quite a few weeks. 2. Nine weeks. ARE YOU SHITTING ME? There are things in my refrigerator that … Continue reading

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